Going back to school

So it has been a rough few days for me but I have been moving forward and I refuse to allow my anxiety to take over. Today I had an appointment with a disability counselor at school and it actually went pretty well; I let her know I had various learning disabilities and how I struggled with math problems; focusing, getting frustrated etc; she seemed to understand that.  She told me that because of class rules I had to abide by the no calculator rule ( which to be honest I was a disappointed) but she told me I could take tests in a smaller room with less distractions and have extra time for tests; I also could have someone write me notes in a way I could understand. I thought that was fair; I am not afraid to ask for help because I am determined to get this degree, man; like I want it so bad.

I made a post about this earlier on Facebook and a good friend of mine who works in the disability field asked if I could ever be a guest speaker at the school where she works; what an honor.  Given my financial situation; it might be difficult but I ever get that chance I will take it. God has blessed me with such wonderful loving friends and I know he is working in my life.  So while yesterday was stressful and it felt like everything was falling apart; today feels like this really is a blessing in disguise and life might work out after all. I am just so optimistic right now but I have to continue to pray and keep moving forward.

Thanks for listening



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