Procrastination, Another Word for Fear


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Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. George Addair  

fear picMost of my life I have been plagued with anxiety, and while suffering from it has been difficult, hiding it has been much easier. On the outside I would come off as maybe a little intense or excitable, but not anxious. However, inside, I was a wreck. My mind would be racing while my heart would follow. I would feel as if there was a storm that I couldn’t control internally shifting me for reasons I couldn’t explain. On top of the emotional chaos, anxiety has a way of playing tricks on my mind, and for a very long time, I allowed it to dictate my thoughts and ultimately my actions in this adventure called life.

While there are many reasons behind my anxiety, fear is the most profound. Fear of spiders, natural heights, massive…

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2 thoughts on “Procrastination, Another Word for Fear

  1. I loved this post, I can totally relate! Like you, I want to be an author but I have let fear hold me back so it’s been going verrrrry slowly! I just finished my first draft though and have found some great resources that have helped me a lot. If you’re interested in a writing buddy for accountability, brainstorming, etc, send me an email. 💕

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