A birthday poem

My birthday just passed and I’m a year older; the sunshine is shining on me; it’s far less colder; with an air of confidence; more bolder.  It’s been an amazing year; overcoming so much fear; goals that seemed far away; now feel near; i stand here a different man; I feel like I  can finally say that as a person I’m growing and I’m showing signs of progress; I take comfort in knowing that things are going to be alright and I can see that there might be light at the end of the tunnel if I keep moving forward; toward where I need to be; it took me a while to see but now I get it.  And on a positive tip I wanna flip this negativity I have had around because I’ve found when I can smile more ;life is just better and isn’t that what living is for.  You got the best make out of your day and make sure if everything you say are blue skies instead of clouds of grey because that is how I want to spend my birthday.



26 thoughts on “A birthday poem

      1. Oh I’m sorry. I just made myself a cake 5 days after my birthday, and even though it had to be gluten free it was delicious. Maybe go get yourself some cake, I swear it’ll taste just as good:)

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