Walking his path

When I’m on the wrong path, I hear his voice from the heavens directing me where me to go. Without him I blindly search the forest running into pine bushes, tripping over rocks and falling into deep rivers; unable to get to shore. At times I hear a faint voice which I know is him and I willfully ignore it; thinking I’m smart enough to forge my own path. Annoyed; his voice grows louder until I can longer ignore his message; he turns me away from the path I was taking, and leads me to the path he set out for me. This time the ground is smooth without rocks or thorny bushes. The deep lake is far out of sight and I dont have a chance of drowning as long as I follow his directions. Lord please lead me out of the darkness and into the light of your love.

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature

10 thoughts on “Walking his path

    1. Thank for liking my post. haha well I have had my blog for about 9 months or so and every so often; I just promote my blog. I follow a lot people; comment and I write frequently. I’m sort of an obsessive writer. I think it’s like anyone things you just have to promote your writing. I am glad you stopped by

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