Truth 16: Eulogy for a Beloved Friend

As someone who has lost someone to suicide; this is a post that I can relate 100%; amazing amazing post. Please take the time to check out this post. And of course if you need help; seek it. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

6 thoughts on “Truth 16: Eulogy for a Beloved Friend

    1. Of course; I felt your pain in the video and it hurt me to see it. I think it is important to spread awareness of these because not everyone understands the full impact that suicide has on the survivors. May God bless you as well


  1. My little cousin who was more like a sister to me committed suicide 3 years ago. Her death has totally changed my view on people who end their lives. I’ve always thought that they are selfish cowards but I now have much more compassion for their struggle and I think my cousin was so brave to live when her inner demons gave her so much turmoil. I wish I could live as bravely as she did before she ended it. She was diagnosed with mental illness, schitzoeffective disorder. Her illness won before she could stop and realize her true worth. She always knew it, but that damn illness lied to her and she succumbed. Our family isn’t the same, especially her mother. Suicide is a bitch and I pray for those who are contemplating.

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    1. I am so sorry to hear about your cousin; I was having this same discussion with a friend on social media. I used to work with her and one of our co-workers committed suicide on the same day as my brother ( 12 years later) and she mentioned how she thought suicide was selfish until our friend died and she saw he was in pain. We bonded after that because of this sad experience; but we were there for each other. Having someone you know take their lives changes your whole perspective. I look at my brother and see a very trouble person; battling mental illess beyond his control. I just hope he has found the peace that he couldn’t get in life. I know I said a lot but thanking for reading my posts, responding and having a kind heart. You are a wonderful person

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      1. I see her pain now, too late but I have no doubt she knew my love for her. And I know how important I was to her. I’m thankful for that. Yes, I hope she is at peace. You’re welcome, you have very thought provoking posts. Thanks for your kindness

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