Sleep deprived poem

40136227_321882111714962_850474056560934912_nSitting in my car on a warm summer day and I really don’t have much to say; I just got done with work and I just want to go home and lay down; I want to be left alone; I dont want anyone to be around. I want to sit in silence and not make a sound and just enjoy the quietness of my own room. Its been a long day and I need a break I have had as much noise as I’m going to take ;so I decided to make this poem because why not; I thought it was a good idea. Who knew that you’d read it and I’m sure you’re thinking who gives a shit. I guess I’m with my writing bit for now. , I haven’t slept well and I’m tired as hell and I’ll stop but did you like it? Was my poem swell? Thank you thank you I try and now I bid you goodbye and…

Good night


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