A lonely life

Loneliness grips me as I walk these streets all alone

Silence surrounds me expect for the sound of my own footsteps; walking towards nowhere with no one

Thinking of happy smiling faces; only reminds me of my own sadness and inability to connect.

You can call it self pity but i call it realism; a reality I must face; a reality many others have faced since the dawn of time

There are those who are surrounded by those that smile when they see us; others like us are watching from a distance in bleakness and utter darkness; cursing the heavens above for such loneliness.

It’s time to get off that park bench; walk back through those lonely dimly lit streets; back to the dingy tiny apartment.

You throw yourself on the couch and enjoy your drug of choice;  the glowing light of  the television set; where the laugh track seems to mock you from tv land but it doesn’t matter because this is your refuge; your escape from the wretched loneliness of your living canceled sitcom.

Here’s to the lonely life…..


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10 thoughts on “A lonely life

  1. I live alone to, but I go to the park I go to farmers markets sometimes I hang out with friends visit family I’ve read, went online let me concentrate. I hang out on my porch and enjoy the sun.

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