I think I’m dumb

There are so many thing I’ve done that makes me feel so smart; I think writing ( righting?) can be art and when I think about this blog I start to feel confident like this was who I was meant to be a writer and a fighter; ; a caring face; hoping to make the world a better place but I don’t always feel smart; that isn’t always the case.ย  There are areas of life that cause so much strife; its such struggle for me; tasks and problems that make me angry; make want to flee;ย  maybe I’m not dumb but I learn differently; I see things in a different way and I have to accept that’s ok and I am just going to do the best I can today and work with that I got and realize I’m not going to put myself down; I’m going to pick myself up from the ground and continue to fight; as long as I’m a around; I won’t give up. No not today.

April ’93

22 thoughts on “I think I’m dumb

  1. I regularly think I must be dumb because I don’t understand something that is going on around me. And I’m 62. It has happened all my life, must be the way I was brought up as a kid. Yesterday I was embarrassed to ask a friend what something meant, some initials I saw in context of a written piece. Turns out he had no idea either, and in the end the whole thing was an error. So I wasn’t dumb. I just didn’t know I wasn’t dumb and I’m so quick to assume it’s me. So try to remember, you are probably not the only one that doesn’t understand something, or does something that appears to be silly or even stupid. You are normal. Cause we all have days (and weeks and months and sometimes years) like that.

    PS: Thanks for following my blog!

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    1. I think we all go through that at times. It is easy to get down on ourselves when a lot of things have happened in our lifetimes that we did not ask to have happen, and were not equal participants in either. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we are Sacred and that we are valuable people in this world. What happened to us when were young we could not control because we did not have an proper tools to do it with, but today we are grown up and we have our own kits of tools. We are wonderful living souls, and we are here because there is purpose and value in our lives. ALL of us!!!


  2. Our errors in thinking about the world is that we believe that there is only one way to be intelligent, one way to communicate, and one way to act. Anything other is alien, strange, and definitely outside the bounds. REALLY??? I don’t think so. Do you know that even in one country where people all speak the same basic language, there are many different dialects, and many slang words that are unique to each person. We were made to be different. If we were all the same, what a dull world this would be. Be proud of who you are and how far you have come in your own development as a fine human being. It is good if we all recognize that we are all meant to be different in this world – in our communications, in our creativity, and in our souls. Never worry that you have been born different than others. Every one of us surely thinks the same things at some point in our lives. It’s part of realizing that we are all definitions. And don’t accept definitions by those who teach, etc. at school. We tend to label ourselves because others put labels on us, but we do not need to accept them. We are who we are. Their standards are just that. Standards, and they mean nothing in the lives of individuals. You are clearly very intelligent and articulate and creative too. What more could you be? Never forget that you are sacred, as we all are. We were each put here on earth because we have a purpose to fulfill, and each of us has perhaps a different purpose. Be glad for that. Be glad for who you are and who you will be in this life.

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    1. Wow thank you so much for this; I really appreciate this. I agree with you; I think what makes us great is our differences. And I am being to accept that not only am I different’ it’s a pretty cool thing. I am not like everyone else and it has helped me connect with so many people. I have taken some of these painful moments and have used it to help others; that’s an amazing thing. Thank you for your wonderful comment

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      1. Thank you very kindly. I am glad you have been able to connect with others and been able to help those who were also hurting. Yes, that is a good thing to be able to do in this life, for there is always someone in this world who is having a difficult time. As I commented earlier, I think these challenges we go through in life help us to help others, and to learn to have compassion for them. Without the challenges, how on earth could we ever learn that valuable lesson? Peace and many blessings, Anne

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