Late at night ramblings in an empty parking lot

Sitting in an parking lot late at night; and I’m in my car alone listening the radio ( take me to the river ;drop me in the water); feeling the cool air of the AC giving me relief on this hot summer night; staring at the at businesses in front of me; once full of life with workers and vehicles; people going in and out; now empty and lifeless. Yet behind me is an all night fast food restaurant; full of.activity; late night food cravings and enough grease to send the most fit man to the ER; cars lined up around; eagerly waiting for that next heart attack. Hey there’s nothing else open except for this place and since this city seems to have no need for 24 hour diners; I’m stuck eating here because I’m too lazy to go to the grocery store. I’m beginning to wonder if these ramblings would have been left for private journal but everything I think comes out in my writing and this is no exception. Well I bid you good night as I bite into another greasy cheeseburger. Farewell.


And yes after reading to this myself; I do need to eat better but hey it gave me inspiration; so that’s good, right?



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