As I lay my head on the bed thinking about what they said; I talk out loud but tell myself not to make a peep as I drift off to sleep; I have to keep my mind calm so I can enter my dreams where nothing is as it seems; it’s like a movie; a sort of blur where one minute I’m here but I open the door  and there’s more to see; I hear a slam and I realize I don’t have a key, now I’m wandering looking for help, I try to scream but out comes a yelp or nothing at all; next I’m at the mall before it opens and I’m all alone; I try to call someone but no one picks up the phone, someone is there and to my dismay; I hear someone say; no one is there to open; there is a delay and I may be stuck in here for some time; I can’t even get a cab; I don’t even have a dime. Next thing you know I’m in my old neighborhood and everything  looks as it should; not much change; I turn a corner and I’m on a mountain range; far away from my home; where the deer and antelope roam; how did I wind up here; oh dear. As I go down the mountain; I approach a fountain in a large city which is a pity because I was quite enjoying the quiet but now I’m stuck in a city block; when erupts a riot; all these people running down the street; I get scared; move my feet. ducking behind the alleyway; an old man asks if I’m okay and I can only say this can’t be real; it’s only a dream; where nothing is what is seems; as I finish my sentence; I see the old man disappear; I awake from my slumber in so much fear. It was only a dream.. it was only a dream..  it was only a dream…




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