I Refuse to Be a Social Media Doormat!


Maranda Russell


Yesterday I had to make a choice to unfriend someone on Facebook, a choice that I hate to have to make, but am finding more necessary as time goes on. The person I ended up unfriending was an editor and small publisher I had worked with in the past, so there was a little bit of sadness at the loss of a professional relationship as well as a personal one, but to tell the truth, this person had always come across as rude, selfish, and impatient…so have I really lost all that much?

As I am getting older, I am just getting to the point that I am tired of being the kindly doormat that lets others walk all over me because I have a desperate desire to please everyone. I don’t at all mind people who have different opinions and beliefs than I do, in fact, I hope we…

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3 thoughts on “I Refuse to Be a Social Media Doormat!

  1. I left this on the original post, not realising it wasn’t your post. I was meant to comment on your reblog. My response was:

    Totally agree. I used to not be on FB, Twitter & Co until I really started my blog to get the message on bullying out that is so epidemic in the workplace. But I am finding social media a scary place the more I use it. I was openly attacked yesterday on another person’s blog because I asked a question about something on a competition they put on.

    My question was taken as an opinion. The blogger than created a whole page calling it a rant, and openly attacked me and gathered other bloggers on her side (to me that bordered on cyber bullying), But I was even okay with her open rant, what I was not ok with was that she must have blocked me, because I was not able to comment on her page to defend myself.

    I then made the mistake a posted a response on my blog with the message at the end that I will delete soon as I don’t want more poison on my blog. I deleted last night.

    But, maybe I am too new to this, as blogging is still a new thing for me and I am not a great fan of FB, Twitter etc. I only reluctantly do it in hope as many people as possible read my story and the story of others that I have linked on my site.

    And I am really feeling the anxiety of a hostile online “society” and the lack of courage of some people who gather a group behind to attack ONE person. I am getting to understand the terrible way many children, young people and people in general have when they experience cyber bullying.

    One of the other bloggers who is mental health professional of all things, but who sided with the ranter was even following me, but then openly requested for me to shut the f… up. And I thought, what is the matter with people? She must have read my response to the rant because she has un-followed me. I chose not to “kick her out”, because everyone is welcome on my blog and has to make the decision for themselves if they want to continue to follow me or not.

    But I certainly stopped following her as soon as I read her hypocritical response on the rant.

    So, I find the online world very scary to be honest with you. And it is important that people stand up for each other in a positive way, not a bullying way.

    Sorry for this long entry, but I am having an anxiety day today.

    Keep sharing, and everybody put your heads up!

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