Writing has made me quieter

Let me just first say; I love to talk.  All my life I have realized I talk too much; which turns people off.  I guess I just have a lot to say; ideas that float around my head all day and I have this insatiable appetite to express myself to anyone  who is willing to listen; it hasn’t always served me well; in fact it has gotten me into quite the bit of trouble over the years. But I will say that since I have started writing; I am less inclined to share all of my thoughts openly and out loud; sure when I am at home  with my family I talk my head off; it’s safe. At home I can be myself; without being censored; and vent when I need to. But when I am at work or school; wherever; I find myself talking less.  My quietness is less about being shy but more that I have nothing to say to the people around me. I prefer to keep to myself and I’m lost in my thoughts. I’m either writing in my little memo pad or I’m thinking about a past memory or something I’d like to do in the future; this is all new. I used to; inappropriately; vent to co-workers or fellow students; annoying them and getting me in trouble with bosses or teachers; but writing has changed all that.  Instead of telling the co worker next to me how much I hate my job; I make a blog post; which is a lot safer since no one knows I write.  Or instead of acting out because I’m anxious; I write about my anxiety; which I’m sure can annoy people; but it’s much better to than blurting out all my thoughts on a crowded bus of people ( I’ve never actually done that, don’t worry lol)  This is just an added bonus of having a blog; I have an audience. Outside of this writing space; no one cares what I think or how I feel; and that is the truth. This is simply incredible to write something and have someone say ” I’ve been there  or “I relate”.  I don’t have seek validation in real life with people who don’t care; but here I feel understood and that means a lot to me.  My writing is so important to me at point; it’s everything. It’s like a guitar to Jimi Hendrix or a paintbrush to Van Gogh; it has changed my life completely. This blog can be my voice. I can speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. I can tell you things I never could say out loud.  I am really proud of this blog; I am happy I started writing.  I think I have become an easier person to be around; for first the time ever; I am the quietest person in the room. People may see it as anger or disdain; I see as someone who prefers to only open his mouth when it’s important. I am not uncomfortable with the silence and I don’t need to fill the space with a loud boisterous voice; rambling on about nonsense; I can simply take my phone; type and talk as loud and as much as I want without a sound; silencio!.

Thanks for listening, Dave


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13 thoughts on “Writing has made me quieter

  1. I can relate to this a hundred percent! I can see now what happens … so far I was on the honesty in sharing track, even about the blog!
    What do you think about the courage factor? There are a lot of teachers who speak to me about things … but they choose not to be open about their expressions. So is it better to encourage people to be honest or masked?
    How can we inspire students to be expressive, if we are going to be constrained?

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  2. I know you enjoy writing poems, but you ought to consider writing short stories. I think that’s a good vehicle someone who has a lot of thought, especially about genuine emotion, people, and how people relate to the objects and people in their life. You can still be raw and honest in prose as well (even in fiction).

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