A Tuesday afternoon prayer

I am in the car in front of the church and thought I might say a little prayer to get me through the rest of the day.

Lord, I am praying to you to give me strength right now. I pray that you help me withstand the negativity that people throw my way; help me take it in stride and not internalize it; I’m worth more than that. Help me to forgive others who hurt me, and to forgive myself when I hurt others. Forgive me lord for not praying often enough; I should never be too busy for you. I pray that you bless my friends and family who I care about so much; please bless them as they go about their day and comfort them in whatever struggles they may face today. Thank for  you those who love and support me; I know you have lead me back to them and I am grateful; its been a blessing. Help me to be a  kinder and more compassionate person; to treat others with love. Help me to connect with others because I feel so lonely sometimes. Lastly help me have more faith in you.I find myself living in doubt and wondering if you are really listening lord ; I hope you can hear me lord. I will do my best to your will today


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