Short blog about mental illness and violence

When hearing these gun debates, I can’t help but be saddned that they paint everyone who suffers from mental illness as a dangerous person. Some who are mentally ill are dangerous but certainly not all. The stigma about mental illness in this country is so strong and I only hope people in the coming years can educate themselves instead of making sweeping ignorant generalizations about millions of people; most whom suffer silently but would never hurt anyone. Something to think about…..

2 thoughts on “Short blog about mental illness and violence

  1. My thoughts exactly, hell they take all the insurance away we need to get treated so I don’t know what they want people to do. Mental illness is the cop out, cause they could care less about us!

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    1. Its sad how many people believe that anyone with a mental illness is dangerous. It makes it harder for us to get help or being open with our struggles because we fear being labled as crazy or violent. Why cant we trest mental illness like any other health condition, you know?

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