We Could Not Look Away: Not Another 17, Not Another One- A Collabrative Poem

The Ink Owl

I am part of online writers group from GoDogGoCafe and recently we came together to voicing our grief and sadness over the latest school shooting. This is a heavy topic that needs to be discussed openly and frequently. My hope with these words is to not commiserate in woe and anguish but to inspire reform and change. Understand that we individuals in society can and do have a vital role in changing what happens in our homes, neighborhoods, and countries. Feel free to reblog and share this as much as you can.


Just another day
just another town
bullet perforated backpacks
spilling loose-leaf lined paper, textbooks
onto blood stained sidewalks
helicopters hovering
to give us the birds eye view
I tried to avert my eyes
out of respect for the dead
the injured
but I could not look away
Christine Ray

Even though I should
Because I am ashamed

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