Dear Amanda



Dear Amanda,

I never met you, I only heard you tragic story on the news all those years ago. I would have spoken about it then but I wasn’t writing at that time. It broke my heart that they drove you to such despair,  just seeing your picture makes me realize how young you were and that  you  had so much life ahead of you, they took that away from you and I am so sorry.  I hope you realize that weren’t alone in your pain and that you helped others by speaking out. They may have bullied you to death but they could never silence you or your song. The world seems so cruel and the bullying can be relentless especially for those of who sensitive to the mean comments and can’t just ignore it, you endured so much bullying that even as an I don’t think as an adult, I could have withstood the kind of humiliation you felt as 15 year old girl. I am not just sad but I am angry that everyone failed you. The websites you were on failed you, the school failed you, the police failed you, you were helpless and no one did a damn fuckin thing to help you. If they had done their jobs, you might still be alive; having dinner with your family like the rest of us. Shame on them, I hope they can live with themselves in failing to protect you. I am angry that someone with like you was harassed by men who have no respect for females; seeing them only as objects; dehumanized, made to do degrading things for the pleasure of a watching audience, it makes me physically sick to think about it. You made a mistake and you paid for it with your life, I wish you had held on longer. I know it’s easy to say in hindsight but nothing is worth taking your life over. I think about all of those who took their lives and where they would be. Married with kids? College graduate? Maybe writing a blog like this? The possibilities are endless. A life cut way too short and if we could just love each other and treat people with respect, you might still be alive. Amanda, just realize that you have touched so many people, through your death you brought light into a dark world; showing all of us that we are not alone and we need a call for empathy..  I hope know you can finally rest in peace and be free from the cruelty that lead you to take your own life.


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