Anxiety attack at work

So today I had an anxiety attack at work, I was hyperventilating in a room by myself, trying to calm myself down. This time I did something I had never done before, I wrote down exactly what I was feeling at the time. It’s not edited but just my stream of thoughts as it happened. I hoping that someone reading this can have a better understanding of what an anxiety attack is like. I also hope that those are suffering from anxiety can take comfort they are not alone, many of us suffer from this.   So here is what I wrote:

I am having an anxiety attack at work. I started thinking about getting off of social media and all the unresolved issues and feelings from the past; the people I once knew and what would they think of me today? If they actually met me face to face would they like me? I work in a department store, so it’s full of constant noise and I can’t drown out all these people with their nonsense conversation, you just want people to shut up. My physical symptoms are acting up and I feel dizzy, my thoughts are racing. I just want to go home, write, lay down and take a hot bath. I am a mess and I need help. I have no time for anything anymore. I need to go back to therapy but I just can’t find the time. I think people are sick of me complaining but anxiety is a part of my everyday life and no one understands besides my parents. I am in an empty room, trying to type as fast as I can before I have a customer. I am always moving from one end of the store to another with no break. No matter where I am, I have to get the customer their package in 5 minutes or less which is great when you are sick to your stomach. Interrupted again…  This is madness, when does it end? I need help


One thought on “Anxiety attack at work

  1. Trying to be alone with your thoughts while at work is near impossible. People that don’t understand, do get tired of the complaining. I have often felt that, especially on social media. The blogging comminity is different. I think it is because most of your followers will be having same issues. It helps us to inderstand the anxiety thing better. You do have to realize, a work place is never going to be the ideal place for writing, unless that is what you are getting paid for, or unless you do it on your breaks, or if you are self employed. I don’t think there are any good ways to describe the feeling of anxiety to those who have never had them.

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