Mass shootings: When does the violence end?

I am not going to post an article or a chart about gun violence. I am going to speak from my heart using my own words. I hate having to say this, but today I am heartbroken, sad for the victims but I am also incredibly angry, a furious anger that lawmakers don’t do enough to protect ordinary citizens against gun violence. Even school children are not spared from the gun violence in this country. They sit back year after year and refuse to impose the strict gun control that exists in most Western countries. And if you look at gun deaths in Europe compared to here their numbers are much lower. You know why, because you can’t go into an Aldi’s and buy a gun. They don’t have an NRA organization that promotes the use of guns as a culture and way of life. As far as I am concerned the lawmakers who don’t pass gun control are partially responsible for these tradegies I hope they can sleep at night because the parent’s of the victims can’t. And I realize there are a lot mentally ill/ angry people out there that will buy a gun regardless. I get it, i do. But shouldn’t we do more to protect society from these mass shootings? Shouldn’t we do everything we can to esure the safety of kids when they at school?. Why must this keep happening? I ask myself why America is such a violent society. Americans get on violence even more than sex. And maybe im an outsider and i don’t get it
But to me this more than a problem about gun violence and a societal/cultural problem; a fascination about violence, dominance and hyper masculinity If we don’t change our cultural values in that respect, violence will continue to occur in this country more frequently and in record numbers.
So I write this as a plea for peace and love. Some may laugh or brush me off but my heart hurts when these things occur. I threaten to leave and never come back and even if i could, i know its not a solution. Love is the answer. We must love each other, its the only way to stop this madness

Peace love and harmony, Dave

20 thoughts on “Mass shootings: When does the violence end?

  1. It’s all about money here in the US…and who manipulates the congress. So very sad. Unfortunately we now are lead by someone who intensifies the hatred, racism, sexism, utter disregard for our planet, poverty and every other negative thing that exists and feels he is ‘making America great’ by representing them. Insane. This is my opinion anyone and sorry if I’ve offended anyone….

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