Lonely heart ( A Valentine’s day Poem)

Its that time of year again and I have a lonely heart, I want to start meeting people but I’m full of fear and I’m stuck here in this lonely place, my thoughts all over the place, I feel like a hopeless case sometimes. Me and my stupid rhymes. Poetry gets you nowhere out there and no one seems to care about what you write, it’s the clothes you wear and the car you drive, there is more to life than money and it’s funny how it makes or breaks ,you in people’s eyes, they can’t see it’s just a lie. My lonely heart breaks when I feel I will be alone forever and I’m not clever enough to impress anyone or be the fun kinda guy and I don’t know why I am the way I am but I hope I can find someone someday and I can finally say I no longer have a lonely heart.


9 thoughts on “Lonely heart ( A Valentine’s day Poem)

  1. I’m in the same boat. No biggie though. It only means it’s your time to discover yourself even more. No one to stop you from evolving by blocking your deep desires. Grow those wings so you can fly, then you have more to offer when you know who you really are.

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  2. For one I love your rymes and the poems you right but your heart is sad you need more in your life that starts with God he gives you so much not talking religion finding God building a relationship with him first finding out truly who he is and what he promises will bring you so much happiness, peace and even travel.
    He’s a big part of my life and he takes me so many places, “Go to JW.org” or even down load the Jw library so many wonderful things to read that will lead you to a whole nother world family, friends, God himself. Your world is full of possibilities.

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